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Alwid Semi-Automatic Filler (2018)

Bottle Packing

7,100 € (ExWorks)

The ALWID-KRONE-HV is a semi-automatic filling machine working with high vacuum. This model is suitable for filling all low-viscosity, still media. Many bottle shapes and sizes can be used, no format parts required. The filling level is set directly on the valve, so it remains constant regardless of the bottle volume. Vacuum level adjustable.


Manufacturer: ALWID
Machine type: Semi-automatic filler
Model: Krone HV
Year of manufacture: 2018
ID: DE-FIS-ALW-2018_00001
Availability: Immediately

Tech Specs:

  • Filling points: 2
  • Filling valve diameter: 13 mm
  • Suitable for filling highly viscous media
  • Fields of application: Food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industry

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