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Dimac / Kettner / Strema Packing Line (2002/1992/2002)


65,000 € (ExWorks)

On the packaging line, 6-packs of shrink packs with 0.5-liter PET bottles are packed on trays and palletized on half pallets by a loader. Two half pallets are always palletized at once. These are then separated and wrapped and transported to the pallet delivery. The plant is still in production and will be vacant in February 2022. All machines undergo extensive maintenance annually. In the palletizer, a control system conversion to Siemens S7 was carried out in 2019.


Manufacturer: Dimac / Kettner / Strema
Model: Packing Line
Year: 2002/1992/2002
ID: DE-PAL-DIV-2002_00001
Availability: 02/2022

Tech Specs:

  • 6 shrink packs with 0,5l PET bottles are packed on trays and palletized with a loader on half pallets

  • Manufacturer: Dimac
    Machine Type: Traypacker
    Model: V25V
    Capacity: 25 Takte/min
    Control: Siemens S7
    Year: 2002


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  • Manufacturer: Kettner
    Machine Type: Loader
    Model: Pressant Universal
    Capacity: 150 layers/h
    Control: Siemens S7
    Year: 1992


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  • Manufacturer: Strema
    Machine Type: Winder
    Model: SAD – 16
    Capacity: 50 pallets/h
    Control: Siemens S7
    Year: 2002


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  • Pack transport
  • Formation table
  • Pallet transport
  • Empty pallet magazine
  • Pallet delivery
  • Stages and crossings
  • Protective fences

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