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GM Gera Bottle Washer (1995)

Bottle Washing

57,000 € (ExWorks)

The bottle washer was previously used in a small mineral well. There it was operated for about six hours a day on only four days a week. Thanks to government support under a Corona aid program, it was possible to purchase a new bottle washer, even though the previous one is still fully functional. Due to the low number of operating hours and regular maintenance, the machine is in very good condition. All basins and the machine body are made of stainless steel. Spare parts for the rack and new bottle cells are still available. The machine is already disassembled and dry stored, so that it can be easily loaded and transported.


Manufacturer: GM Gera
Arcade DS 02 / 102 / 16 Conti
YOM: 1995
ID: DE-BWM-GER-1995_00001
Availability: Immediately
– few operating hours, very good condition –

Tech Specs:

  • Capacity: 11,250 bph
  • Cell Pitch: 102 mm
  • Bottles per row: 16
  • Dimensions + Weights:
    Housing: 7200 x 1980 x 2850 mm / 1550 kg
    Ready for operation with attachments: 7880 x 4130 x 2950 mm / 24700 kg
  • YOM 1995

    The Machine in Detail / Equipment Features:

    • Standard drives
    • Heating
    • Operating side left
    • CE certified
    • Chemistry dosing pumps
    • Danfoss transducer
    • Machine data sheet included
    • Turntable spraying
    • Single End Machine
    • Label discharge rear right
    • Finger discharge + finger feed
    • Bottle discharge left
    • Bottle cells made of plastic
    • HMI Lauer
    • Lye concentration measurement
    • NaOH supply liquid
    • Sectional view arrangement of baths
    • Spindles SST
    • 24 volt control voltage
    • Control Siemens S5 (on request conversion to S7)
    • Regularly maintained
    • Water Part in SST
    • Vapor Discharge
    • Analog pressure display of baths
    • Machine dismantled, ready to ship
    • Sampling Taps
    • KSB pumps in SST
    • Plug-in screens for baths
    • Water Meter


      • Spare parts included

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