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Krones Palletizer Robobox (2015)


360,000 € (ExWorks)

The Krones Modulpal 2A palletiser picks up the pre-grouped packs at the grouping station and sets them down again at the loading station. Depending on the gripper head fitted, this palletizer is suitable for palletizing non-returnable and returnable packs or depalletizing returnable packs. Up to 500 layers per hour can be palletized. The Robobox grouping system arranges packs according to a predefined layer pattern. Positive-locking precision grippers bring the packs safely and gently to the pre-programmed position.All commercially available non-returnable packs can be processed.
This well-maintained machine comes from the liquidation of a contract bottler’s line. Mainly soft drinks in PET bottles have been processed on the machines. The line will be dismantled because the space is needed for a new line for other products.



Manufacturer: Krones
Model: Modulpal 2A / Robobox

Machine Type: Palletizer
YOM: 2015
ID: DE-PRB-KRO-2015_00001
Availability: immediately

Tech Specs:

  • Load Capacity: 700 kg
  • 1 l PET bottles / 6 item shrinkpacks were processed.
  • Suction gripper system for flexible layer pads

Scope of supply:

  • Palletizer Modulpal 2A
  • Grouping System Robobox

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