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Krones / Sidel / GM Gera RGB Filling Line (2005)

Filling Line

390,000 € (ExWorks)

The filling line for returnable glass bottles is currently still in use in a mineral water bottling plant in Germany. The condition of the entire line is good, as it has been regularly maintained and continuously serviced. Over time, almost all controls on the older machines were also converted to Siemens S7. Furthermore, in 2005 the entire conveyor system was replaced by Sidel conveyors with associated conveyor control. The plant has a very compact design, which makes it easy to operate even with few personnel. Sidel’s buffer tables ensure good buffer times.


Manufacturers: Krones, Sidel, GM Gera,Schaefer, Kettner, Adelski, Winterwerb Streng.
Machine type: Filling line for reuseable glass bottles
Capacity: 23,000 bph at 0.75l GDB
ID: DE_FLR-KRO-2005_00001
Availability: 09 / ’22

Tech Specs:

  • Capacity: 23,000 bph at 0.75 L bottles
  • Suitable for filling water, juices in glass bottles
  • recently overhauled, regularly maintained
  • Formats processed:
    0.75l GDB / 0.7l GDB / 0.5l GDB / 0.75l Gastro / 0.25l Gastro
  • YOM : ranging from 1987 to 2016

    The Line in Detail:


    • Manufacturer: Kettner
    • Model: Blitzpack Junior
    • YOM: 1997
    • Control: Siemens S7

    Crate Washer

    • YOM: 2005

    Foreign Bottle Inspector w. Camera

    • Manufacturer: Krones
    • Model: Checkmat
    • YOM: 2016
    • Control: Siemens S7


    • Manufacturer: Adelski
    • YOM: 2005
    • Control: Siemens S7

    Bottle Washer

    • Manufacturer: GM Gera
    • Model: Arcade GEL3-RV-340/95
    • YOM: 2005
    • Control: Siemens S7
    • Special features:
      Heat exchanger was renewed in 2017
      delivery shaft renewed 2017
      infeed table renewed in 2020

    Bottle Conveyors / Buffer Tables / Glideliners

    • Manufacturer: Sidel
    • YOM: 2005
    • Control system: Siemens S7

    Empty Bottle Inspector

    • Manufacturer: Krones
    • YOM: 2005
    • Control: Siemens S7

    Bottle Filler with Screwer and Capper

    • Manufacturer:
      Winterwerb Streng, Alcoa capper
    • YOM: 1987
    • Control: Siemens S7
    • Closures: Aluminum caps and crown corks
    • Special features:
      Ball slewing ring was replaced in 2019
      Level control
      Bottle burst system
      All gearboxes available as spare parts

    Labeling Machine

    • Manufacturer: Krones
    • Model: Starmatic
    • YOM: 2001
    • Control: Siemens S7
    • Special features:
      Blocked with filling machine via screw


    • Manufacturer: Kettner
    • Model: Blitzpack Junior
    • YOM: 1997
      Control: Siemens S7

    Mixing and Carbonizing Plant

    • YOM: 1987
    • Control: Siemens S7
    • Special features:
      With automatic Co2 regulation
      Completely mounted on base frame


    Format Parts and various spare parts included.

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