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Krones Sleevematic Labeler (2008)


175,000 € (ExWorks)

The SLEEVEMATIC M 2 enables shrink sleeves to be processed. The sleeve is cut off from the film tube by the cutting unit in the correct position and transferred directly to the container without any further transfer elements. Depending on the required position, the sleeve is applied flush with the base or held at the desired height by a belt system. A downstream sleeve positioning device ensures that all sleeves are at the desired application height. Depending on the container shape and sleeve design, the sleeve can be pre-shrunk to prevent slippage. The particular advantages of this machine, which is designed as a straight-running machine, are its fast changeover capability and compact dimensions. The labeler is supplemented by a shrink tunnel, the KRONES Shrinkmat 5000 steam tunnel, with which shrink sleeves can be shrunk on. This top-maintained machine comes from the break-up of a contract bottler’s line. The machines were mainly used to process soft drinks in PET bottles. The line is being dismantled because the space is needed for a new line for other products.


Manufacturer: Krones
Machine type: Labeler
Model: Sleevematic M2 + Shrinkmat 5000
ID: DE-LAB-KSM-2008_00001
Availability: Immediately


Tech Specs:

  • Capacity:
    up to 40,000 bph
    20,350 bottles at 1.5 l PET
  • YOM: 2008


    • comes with Shrink Tunnel Krones Shrinkmat 5000
    • conveyors included

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