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Leifeld + Lemke KEG Filling Line (1986)

Filling Line

29,500 € (ExWorks)

The line can handle 30/50 ltr. KEGs and are equipped for flat, combi and basket fitting. For other KEG sizes the machines can be adapted.
The pre-cleaning machine is a 1-head machine with residual pressure test of the KEGs. On the cleaning head, the KEGs are emptied, purged with air to remove the residual CO2, cleaned with mixed water and rinsed with caustic and partially filled.
The KRF 401 main cleaning and filling machine runs particularly smoothly due to its special design and is mounted on an open machine base frame. The piping is integrated in the machine.
New components have been installed: Media valves, beer valves and new pneumatic valves, make Festo, in stainless steel control cabinets. Original documentation in German, consisting of spare parts lists, operating instructions, hardware and software included.


Manufacturer: Leifeld + Lemke
Machine type: KEG Filling Line
Capacity: 60 KEG/h
ID: DE-KFL-LEL-1986_00001
Availability: 03 / ´22

Tech Specs:

  • Capacity: 60 KEG/h,
  • 30-50 L KEGs processable
  • Complete line with Cleaning, Filling, Documentation, Spare Parts.
  • YOM : 1986

    The Line in Detail:

    KEG External Washer

    • adjustable up to 60 KEG/h
    • with brush station and high pressure pump
    • 1 treatment bath with bath heating
    • with control cabinet

    KEG Pre-Cleaning Machine

    • Manufacturer: L + L
    • Model: KBV 100
    • comes with discharge and switch cabinet

    Cleaning and Filling Machine

    • Manufacturer: L + L
    • Model: KRF 401
    • Cleaning Stations: 4
    • Filling Stations: 1
    • comes with calibateable inductive flow meter and switch cabinet

    Conveyor System

    • Roller Conveyors and Slat-Band Chain Conveyors
    • Fitting Shower and switch cabinet included

    Stacking Tanks

    • 4 pieces à 650 l
    • each with stainless steel pump,
      temperature control, tank filling valves
      (1 for mixed water, without heating
      3 for caustic I, caustic II and acid with heating
      1 switch cabinet supply system)

    Documentation, Software, Hardware included.

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