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MSK Shrink Wrapper (2015)


115,000 € (ExWorks)

Versatile high velocity pallet shrink wrap machine / hood applicator MSK Multitech / Recotech MSK 381, ideally suited when flexibilty, easy-to-operate reliabilty and economic-efficiency are paramount. The shrink hood applicator MSK Multitech owes its name to its multi-functionality: The system automatically processes up to four film formats or thicknesses. That provides the flexibility to wrap different pallet formats and approach any opening size, even if the loads have different dimensions. This technology allows MSK Multitech to save film by minimizing the amount of film used.
The shrink packer was built in Germany in 2015 and has since been used in a building materials company in France mainly to pack rolls of insulation material. In 2016, a 2nd film magazine was purchased.


Manufacturer: MSK
Machine type: Hood Shrink Wrap Machine
Hood Shrink Wrapper
Model: MSK 381
Year of manufacture: 2015
ID: DE-SWM-MSK-2015_00001
Availability: 03/22
Location: France


Tech Specs:

  • Capacity: 200 pallets / h
  • Version 2 formats (upgrade to 4 formats possible).
  • Ambient temperature:
    20 °C (min + 15°C, max + 40 °C).
  • Pneumatic data:
    Existing air pressure 5 – max. 6 bar
    Air consumption: 120 L/pallet
  • Gas data: Gas pressure 50 – 80 mbar (natural gas)
  • Dimensions: Height Multitech 5200 mm,
    Recotech 5400 mm.
  • Max. height of the products: 2500mm
  • Max. length and width: 800x800mm.

    Scope of Supply:

    • Feeding and management control cabinet.
    • Control panel – HMI
    • The conveyor belt from the first shaking station at the input to the shrinking station at the output.
    • The product shaking station (centering on the 2 axes).
    • Hood station with film unwinders, film feed rollers (4 circuits), the welding head for the top of the hood and the film/hood clamping frame.
    • Shrinking frame with gas burners.
    • Pulley block and its supports for loading the rolls.
    • 6 mobile roll transport trolleys.

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