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NAGEMA Returnable-Glass Filling Line (1993-2014)

Filling Line

145,000 € (ExWorks)

The filling line is designed for beer and soft drinks in returnable glass and has a capacity of 20,000 bph. The machines are mainly from the manufacturer NAGEMA. The inspection technology, the labeling machine, the crate washer and the banding system were manufactured by HEUFT, KHS, KLANN and Robopac. Beer was previously filled on the line in single-shift operation. All parts of the line have been regularly maintained, therefore the machines are in a good condition. Spare parts and technical documentation are still available for the machines.
A special feature is that the KHS Innoket Roland 16/4 H labeling machine can also process self-adhesive labels.


Manufacturer: NAGEMA
Machine type: Filling Line
Year of manufacture: 1993-2014
ID: DE-RGF-NAG-1993_00001
Availability: Immediately
Location: Germany

Tech Specs:

  • Capacity: 20,000 bph

The line in Detail:

Plant section 1 Palletizing

Pallet loader and unloader incl. empty pallet magazine

Nagema PA 1800 (1993)
1700 Ka/h
With pallets + box transport + control cabinet 


Athena Roboband 2VH (2004)
150 Pa/h
Currently set up on Euro pallet 1200mmx800mm

Pallet labeling

Logopac Logomatic 915/T (2014)
150 Pa/h

Plant section 2 Unpacking


Nagema NPE/A 500.1 (1993)
1.800 crates/h
With bottle and crate transport + control cabinet

Plant section 3 Packing


Nagema NPE/E 500.1 (1993)
1.800 crates/h
With bottle and crate transport + control cabinet

Full bottle control

Heuft – Heuft Spectrum (1993)
With bottle transport + automatic rejection + control cabinet

Plant section 4 Crate Washing

Crate washer

Klann Type ASW 1000 + 600 (1993)
1.000 crates/h

In double version for longitudinal and
cross transport with crate transport

Plant part 5 Cleaning

Cleaning machine

GM machine building Arcade DS03 (1993)
21.000 bph
With caustic settling tank + bottle transport

Plant section 6 Bottle Inspection 

Full inspection

Heuft – Heuft Reflexx InLine IR (2014)
72,000 containers/h
base +mouth + sidere4nwall + caustic

Plant section 7 Filling

Filler with corker
Nagema Varifill55/10K-100 (1993)
20.000 bph
With flat transport + control cabinet

Vacuum pump

Sterling SIHI Liquid ring vacuum pump TYPE LEH-350 (1993) 

Level control

Heuft  -Heuft Spectrum (1993)

Plant section 8 Labeling 

Labeling machine

KHS Innoket Roland 16/4 H (2006)
With bottle conveyor + control cabinet

Laser dating

Domino D320i (2006)

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