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Nagema Varia 32 Pressure Filler with screw capper (1992)

21,000 € (ExWorks)

The Varia 32 pressure filler with screw capper was manufactured by Nagema in 1992. In addition to plastic closures, aluminum closures can also be processed. To do this, the capping elements must be replaced with the existing elements for aluminum caps. Even though the machine is somewhat older, there are still companies that ensure the supply of spare parts.


Manufacturer: Nagema
Machine Type: Pressure Filler with screw capper

Year of Manufacture: 1992
ID: DE-PRE-NAG-1992_0001
Availability: November 2022
Location: Germany

Technical Specifications:

  • Capper for PVC caps

  • Heads for aluminum screw caps are also available

  • Formats 0,5l – 1,0l GDB bottles

  • Spare parts are also available 

  • Control Ursa log (DDR) – there are still electronics engineers who can maintain these
  • For filling mineral water & lemonades and still water
  • Closures are dragged along
  • Manufacturer capper Alcoa (8 heads) curve and heads for aluminum are also available
  • Capper feeding via hopper by hand
  • 32 valves & 2 spare
  • Running direction left-right
  • Height adjustment by hand
  • Central lubrication
  • 4 years ago all filling valves were completely overhauled incl. air cylinder
  • Oil changes were done regularly
  • Capping heads are serviced 1x per year

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