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Teknoice Ice Cream Line (2011)

Ice Cream Manufacturing Line

69,000 € (ExWorks)

The Teknoice HTST 600 system is ideal for large scale ice cream production.
The mixture is prepared in successive steps that include mixing and dissolving of ingredients, pasteurization, homogenization and cooling. The resulting mix is transferred to barrels for maturation. The plant is equipped with a hot water circulation pump and a filling unit with pressure reducer for the incoming water, pressure gauge/thermometer, safety valve and air bubble separator. It contains two insulated tanks for the preparation and heating of the mixture, with a cavity and a solenoid valve for the circulation and collection of the hot water. The agitator motors, washing balls, filling pipes for the liquid components and the discharge valves for the mixture are attached to the tanks. A centrifugal pump with mixture filtering supplies the homogenizer.


Manufacturer: Teknoice
Machine type: Ice Cream Manufacturing Line
Model: HTST 600
YOM: 2011
ID: DE-IMA-TPL-2011_00001
Availability: Immediately
Location: Russia


  • Stainless steel base with adjustable feet.
  • user friendly
  • Absolutely consistent high quality production.
  • Easy installation:
    the system components are mounted on stainless steel platforms and can be used immediately after connecting electricity, water and air.
    All connections have clamp connections, hygienic and easy to connect.
  • Hygiene optimized design.
  • Compact system, small floor space required.
  • Low energy consumption.

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