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TLG Vacuum Filler Screw Capper (2000)


12,000 € (ExWorks)

This Vaccum Filler was built in 2000 by TLG. It is still in operation in a fruit juice plant in Germany. In this company it is only used in single-shift operation for about 100 days a year, which is why the condition of the machine is still very good.


Manufacturer: TLG
Machine type: Vacuum Filler / Screw Capper
Capacity: 2,500 bph at 1L glass bottle, higher capacity for smaller bottles
ID: DE-VFS-TLG-2000_00001
Availability: Immediately

Tech Specs:

  • Suitable for filling fruit juices in glass bottles from 0,2 – 1 l
  • Manufacturer: TLG
  • Machine type: Vacuum filler with screw capper 24/6
  • Capacity: 2.500 bph at 1L VdF, higher capacity for smaller bottles
  • Number of filling stations: 24
  • Number of capping stations: 6
  • YOM: 2000

    Format Parts for 1.0 l glass bottles, 0.7 l glass bottles, 0.2 l goiter neck.
    Sorting unit for closures.
    Various spare parts included.

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